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Animal Flex – 44 packs


  • Providing competitive strength and power to the athletes
  • Suitable for those who need joint and connective tissue support
  • Lifters and bodybuilders that are looking for the easiness of one-a-day dosing & convenient packsompetitive strength or power athletes
  • Those needing joint & connective tissue support
  • Lifters looking for the simplicity of one-a-day dosing & convenient packs

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The foundation of your body are your joints, tendons, ligaments and all the connective tissue –they support your muscles and provide you strength in your training. The tougher you train, the more pressure you put on your foundation. Due to the huge amounts of weight and the several sets and reps, you perform in your typical workout.


It is much likely that this constant hard training can take its toll and weaken the muscles. Not to forget, when the foundation crumbles, the house falls tumbling down.


That is when you need Animal Flex. It helps to strengthen ligaments and joints. It protects them from the day-to-day deterioration brought about by balls to the training. Animal Flex is made from the ingredients that help in maintaining healthy joint function, flexibility and elasticity. Most of Animal Flex’s active ingredients provide the essential building blocks required to maintain human structural integrity.


Maximum nutritional support for a solid foundation


Animal Flex provides the essential raw nutrients to the joints such as glucosamine (two forms), MSM, and chondroitin. These ingredients naturally protect and promote joint health while strengthening the connective tissue and underlying cartilage. Once taken, these nutrients can work efficiently and quickly to support the rebuilding of cartilage.


When it comes to joint lubrication, cetyl myristoleate (CMO), hyaluronic acid (HA), and flax seed oil provide the lubricant to coat your joints and protect them from the endless grind of excessive training causing stiffness. These effective joint lubricators restore the oils naturally that is present in the synovial fluid, making the joints work smoothly and painlessly.


Effective and Comprehensive solution


Animal Flex is a special joint and ligament formula created to help support the health of athlete’s joints. Animal Flex has specifically been created for strength athletes such as bodybuilders and power lifters. Every pack consists of several different complexes designed to support healthy joints, ligaments and tendons.

Some of the key benefits of Animal Flex are:


  • Helps in repairing connection tissue.
  • It is a lubrication complex that helps cushion the joints from lifting.
  • Helps in promoting rehabilitation and reduce soreness
  • Perfect for optimal joint health

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44 packs


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