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Olimp – BCAA XPLODE POWDER 20:1:1 – 500g



  • Xplode™ is a line of supplements which is only based on absolutely innovative products, designed for people with uncompromising expectations. The unique composition of these supplements is a result of the efforts of the scientists from Olimp® laboratories. The design of new products is based on the newest research in the fields of diet and supplementation for athletes and physically active people.
  • Xplode™ is a product line with excellent solubility and sensational, intensively fruity, aromatic flavours, which you can compose and combine as you like. The usage of maximum micronization of powdery forms is a component of the perfect digestibility of active substances in each product within this unique line.
  • Do you value the highest quality, but at the same time the taste also matters a lot to you?
    BCAA Xplode™ is a product that will finally live up to all your expectations!
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Grapefruit, Pear, Cola


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