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With complete knowledge of all of the effects of the DAA dose, researchers from the Department of Research and Development of Olimp Sport Nutrition® decided to effectively limit the possible consequences of elevated secretion of undesirable prolactin. The simplicity as well as safety and ingeniousness of the solution lies in the fact that simple compounds, i.e. vitamin B6, vitamin E and zinc (5, 6, 7) were used as inhibitors of this hormone in the appropriate weight ratios closely oriented to people with increased internal testosterone production. In this way, the devastating effect of prolactin on muscle mass, endocrine balance, libido and exercise capacity has been reduced to a minimum, at the same time making the DAA Xtreme PROLACT-BLOCK an excellent product for people with a genetically determined sensitivity to prolactin, permanent problems with achieving lean, sculpted and muscular figure, often unaware of the factual causes of their failures in dietary and training endeavours.

  • The fact that D-aspartic acid has a positive effect on fertility, improving sperm volume and motility(8), is not without significance in times of reduction of male fertility in general population becomes an issue of paramount health importance.
  • DAA Xtreme PROLACT-BLOCK means ABSOLUTE SAFETY – you can cease the supplementation at any time without consequences, such as endocrine imbalance.
  • DAA Xtreme PROLACT-BLOCK created by Olimp Sport Nutrition® gives you a unique opportunity to increase testosterone production, while reducing the potential negative consequences of the body’s sensitivity to hormonal cascade resulting from elevated androgen levels.
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